BIST Equity and Futures Markets


Tacirler Investment operates with the highest category license granted by the Capital Market Board. It is also among the firms providing Colocation Services in the Stock Exchange.

Investors can directly execute their transactions in the BIST through Tacirler Investment’s Colocation Services. The service is provided by Tacirler Investment’s servers located at the Borsa Istanbul’s Primary Data Center.

According to Capital Market Board regulations, loans provided to clients depend on the size of the equity of the related investment firm. With its strong equity base, Tacirler is one of the best positioned participants in the market to render margin trading services to its clients.

Tacirler Investment has been providing services to its clients in the BIST Futures & Options Exchange. Tacirler executes these transactions rapidly and securely for its clients.

The firm attaches great importance to accurate and transparent information flow to its clients. As part of this approach, Tacirler prioritizes research services. Tacirler research team produces detailed macro, company, and sector reports as well as intra-day news and information bulletins in order to help its clients to make accurate investment decisions.

Tacirler Investment provides its clients advanced on-line trading capabilities. The firm’s on-line services enable clients to customize their screens to easily track prices, open positions, orders, and profit&loss statements as well as technical analysis capabilities. Additionally, clients have the option to trade over the phone through our expert dealer team. All of firm’s clients have access to their accounts through website with a personalized password provided to them.

Investment at Your Fingertips with "Tacirler Online"

tacirler online

Clients of Tacirler Investment have access to real-time market data and information through the firm’s advanced technological infrastructure.

In addition to providing execution services on-line through website, clients have access to daily, weekly bulletins and all types of company, macro, and sector reports produced by Tacirler Research team.

Through Tacirler’s on-line services, investors can monitor their account balances, profit&loss statements and execute, cancel, reduce, or increase all types of stock transaction orders. They can also safely transfer funds, monitor their trades and track real-time market data and prices.

Tacirler Investment offers several advantages to its on-line clients. These include a regressive commission rate with increasing trade volume. The firm also offers mobile solutions to its clients and enables them to trade mobile on all operating platforms.

The firm also actively uses social media and communicates with investors on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google+.

All you need is an account at Tacirler Investment to have access to the services provided by the firm. With its solid and respected name since its establishment, the firm does not have any account size restrictions. You can access more information on account opening at firm’s website

With the Forex Brand of Tacirler Investment, FXTCR, World Markets are Within Your Reach


FXTCR is the forex brand of Tacirler Investment and has grown to become a leading brand in Turkey in the sector through meticulous attention to detail and custormer services, a must in dynamic world of FOREX trading.

Within the scope of FXTCR, investors can trade currency pairs, spot indices, spot silver and gold with tight spreads and rapid execution. Tacirler offers a trade experience with dynamic spreads, 24 hours 5 days trading opportunity, fast platform and experienced analysts.

With MT4 FX platform’s advanced and user friendly trading features, we provide transparent and market-driven execution to our clients. You can trade confidently in all market conditions as your stops, limits and entry orders are protected within the platform, resulting in an environment free of price manipulation.

The market and pending orders, take profit and stop orders, trailing stop and trading history are at your disposal through MT4 platform. Besides, you can close your positions partially and control when and how much of a position you want to close. Additionally, we offer demo account for our clients to get accustomed with our trading platform and the markets.

With its tailor made products, FXTCR has been providing service to its client base through its Nationwide branches network.

Research & Strategy


Accessibility to the accurate, reliable and timely information is the key element in the decision-making process of the investors. At Tacirler Investment, we offer valuable insights and actionable ideas on equities, market strategy, economics and foreign exchange for our institutional and retail clients.

Our equity research product is a sector-based one and in addition to the fundamental coverage of equities, we also provide quantitative research, in which we focus on pair-trade ideas and factor-based investment themes. Our offering on the economics research is a Turkey-dedicated one, in which we aim to provide insightful and thought-provoking views with the major data releases and trends.

We provide relevant and timely content to our clients via regular email commentaries and reports and one-on-one meetings. Our main product categories are as follows:

  • Daily Bulletins
  • Company and Sector Reports
  • Economy Reports
  • Pair Trade Ideas
  • Quantitative Strategy Reports
  • Thematic Reports
  • Technical Analysis Bulletins

Investment Advisory


Tacirler Investment provides advisory services to its institutional and individual clients. The firm carries out a ‘client-centered’ risk/return analysis and offers investment options based on the risk profile and financial expectations of the client. Our consultancy services aim to generate value-added services to all types of clients through a unique, research-oriented, and fundamental based investment philosophy.

Investment processes and decisions are dynamically carried out by a committee consisting of firm’s professionals with a focus on short and long term investment trends and by utilizing the detailed research reports produced by our Research Department. Based on these inputs, investment portfolios are created; firms’ expert professionals closely monitor these personalized models by utilizing fundamental/technical analyses and in-light of macroeconomic expectations.

Investment Alternatives

Turkish lira based investments

Tacirler Investment provides an active portfolio management approach for investors monitoring their returns in Turkish Lira terms. Firm professionals use investment tools such as treasury bonds, repo, reverse-repo, investment funds, corporate bonds, money market swaps, and TL deposits. Based on clients’ risk appetite, the firm also offers TL based leveraged investment options.

Foreign currency based investments

The firm also provides opportunities for clients to invest in foreign currency. In this category, Tacirler provides investment options such as hard currency based bonds and instruments enabling to invest in gold, commodities, and international stock markets.

Structured debt instruments

Structured debt instruments are investment tools created for qualified investors enabling them to have exposure to a combination of assets such as gold, commodities, international stock market indexes or specific stocks. Tacirler Investment provides these products to its client for a mutually agreed time horizon.

Corporate Finance and Initial Public Offerings


Tacirler Investment offers corporate finance advisory services to both local and foreign investors.

In an ever changing world, to obtain advisory services relying on sound information and knowledge has gained importance for corporates when managing their strategic funding needs and their balance sheets. The right decisions in that regard clearly help companies to increase their competitiveness and efficiency.

Corporate finance services of Tacirler Investment enables companies;

  • to obtain their financing needs from capital markets
  • to make use of the support of an expert team with vast investment banking experience
  • to make use of M&A and project finance advisory services
  • to have access to many target companies in Turkey
  • to enjoy a wide domestic as well as international distribution network

Tacirler Investment, with its special emphasis on research and detailed analysis, also offers support in process management and advisory services in targeting companies, domestic and cross-border M&A and joint ventures.

Investment Banking

investment banking

Tacirler Investment offers advisory services to local and international investors, mainly focusing on debt capital markets, equity capital markets and M&A activities.

We strongly believe that providing sector expertise and the high-level management commitment on transactions are the key elements in the success of creating value to our clients.

Tacirler Investment accumulated vast experience in debt capital markets and ranked first among the independent arranger of issues in Turkey. Our investment banking team’s experience is not confined to debt issuances as the team is also involved in debt restructuring projects and equity capital market transactions. Since 2014, Tacirler Investment completed 36 transactions and raised ca.USD 350mn funding.

Last but not least, being present in the Turkish Capital Markets more than 25 years, Tacirler Investment was involved in 38 IPOs which had an aggregate size of USD 7.6bn.

Treasury Services

treasury services

With the expertise and experience of our Treasury Department team in local and international markets, we provide a comprehensive set of Treasury products to our clients;

  • Structured solutions, which reduces the long-term financial risks,
  • The government and corporate sector debt instruments,
  • Tailor-made products in OTC (Over the Counter), spot and futures markets
  • Options, Swap and other derivative products.

Institutional Sales / Trading

institutional sales

Tacirler Investment Institutional Sales and Trading department serves international and local institutional clients with a team whose members have more than 15 years of average experience and wide industry knowledge.

Along with excellent sales and sales trading efforts with strong fundamental research support, Tacirler team employs modern solutions like quantitative analysis to place itself ahead of competition in generating ideas to suit different investment strategies. Many team members come with experience of having worked at global investment banks and understand the needs of global institutional investors thereby providing clients with tailor-made products. Tacirler Investment serves clients mainly in the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle East along with local institutional investors while continuing toexpand its brand to other regions.

Tacirler team has wide coverage in the equity markets and is constantly looking for secondary deals and blocks trading opportunities in order to offer its clients exposure to new sectors and companies. Besides secondary markets, Tacirler also prides itself in its placement capacity in primary deals. The team specializes in spotting opportunities and new ideas in trending sectors and companies, one of its main differentiating factors against the competition. Tacirler research team provides detailed fundamental and quantitative analysis while the sales team adds a strong view on markets to capture alpha.

Tacirler Investment offers low latency electronic trading for DMA clients through stable commercial fix engines along with access to algorithmic trading suite. Tacirler also provides co-location services in Borsa Istanbul for high frequency traders, where clients can either lease Tacirler servers or install their hardware to trade volatility in microseconds.